I first made a conscious healthy lifestyle choice when I was still a teenager. This was motivated by my Dad’s constant reminder that much sugar is a danger to health and should be aware not to consume too much of it. My Dad loved reading to us articles about health and nutrition from newspaper articles. Up-to today we still exchange a lot of healthy living ideas every time I visit him. My Dad indirectly inspired me to find an endless interest in living a healthy lifestyle. From a young age I learned that  my actions and choices could affect my healthy and quality of life in the feature.

I pursued my career in Business and Accounting but after my graduation I realised that I pursed this education with mainly one purpose, “finding a fulfilling career”. But working with finance and accounting only gave me status and paid my bills but never fulfilled my purpose. So I later changed my career pursued a B.A in Global Healthy and Nutrition;  and MSc. in Integrated Food Technology. This brought me closer to something I loved. 

My life goal is to help people discover and put into action the tools, strategies and resources that create extraordinary healthy lifestyle that facilitate a good quality of life.

With many years of  experience and studying health and nutrition. I have developed a new way to relate with food and my environment. I developed a simple holistic strategy that focuses on nutrition, fitness and mindfulness as factors that gear a lasting and meaningful way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I have learned to relate with food and know that we eat for a healthy living and not  to just aggravate hunger. That is why I promote and teach living a healthy lifestyle that improves one’s quality of life.

My journey has not been all smooth. I have done all the wrong choices, miss understood or had misleading information. But all that led me to learn from experience and today I have a gentle approach to health and wellbeing. I can help you not to make the same mistakes that I did and enjoy your life as you take steps into a healthy lifestyle.