In the endless pursuit of happiness, that is composed of long busy working days and the must haves that signifies happiness in our lives.  We often find ourselves turning to just about anything to show and feel more fulfilled in our lives. In this quest to find happiness we must keep in mind the easy and effective ways to keep us on truck to experience happiness in our different walks of life. So that we can keep our spirits energy and performance high to attain success and purposeful lives.


Being a Health coach I do understand the impact of our thoughts and habits in the way we  live our daily lives and how this affects our moods and quality of life. Do not let the failure, disappointments and challenges that you come across in life hold you back. Not even the fear of being stuck, remember that the pain of being stuck will be greater than the fear of exploration. I always tell my clients that they have the power to change their circumstances and define their happiness. Moreover, one thing we know for sure is that the mind is a powerful tool. One that can lead us to great discoveries and also inhabit us from them. If you are looking for the secret for how to be happy. I have some suggestions for you.



A smile is a simple action yet it tremendously impact us and the people around us  with an immediate joyous moment.  Even if your mind has yet to reach a happy state, manipulating your body can help the rest of you follow suit. If you make smiling a habit it transforms your life leading to living a more fulfilled life.


Power of the small things

To a great extent, life consists  of small moments that accumulate overtime. When momentous events occur in  our life that could lead to a dramatic shift, changing the direction of one’s life. Still, everyday life goes on, populated with small seemingly inconsequential moments. It is in the little things that you can find joy and boost feelings of happiness. When you allow yourself to appreciate simple things and  be joyful then it’s easier to find happiness. I know this might seem too good to be true, but it works. Little things are too often taken for granted, yet they are great contributors to happiness


Find purpose

Find passion in your life. You might then have the question, how can I even find my purpose. But well dig deep into your interest. Ask yourself key questions like ; what’s that thing  keeps coming back up ? what’s that thing that you think about often. What is that thing that comes naturally to you? Once you discover your passion it leads you to your purpose.



Where your attention and power goes grows. So if you are constantly focusing on the things that build and bring you more happiness and fulfilment then you are subconsciously directing your life in that direction and the opposite is true. Focus on your abilities than your inability. Put more emphasis and attention to the areas you can control. No matter how hard it is focus on the solution and not the  overwhelming problem.


Be kind to yourself

Everytime you find yourself in a situation where be negatively critical about yourself, force yourself as hard as it might be to say something positive right away.


Be self aware

We often find ourselves stuck, feeling down or even stressed. When you find yourself in any of these situation. Start by figuring out why you feel the way you feel. There might be a seated internal reason why that is happening. When we are not self aware it’s hard to read our emotions so that we can define our life road map. We might actually end up blaming external factors for feeling the way we feel. Start with internal factors then spread to the external factor. Know this, No matter what your circumstances are there are always facts that can support a positive outcome and those are the thoughts you should be focusing on.   


Reflect on your blessings and be grateful.

Everyone has something in their life to be grateful for. Make it a ritual to daily take a moment to count your blessings and express personal gratitude for all that you have been given in life.  Instead of seeing your glass half full all the time that lead to accumulated unhappiness from the things you have not yet got. Be grateful for those things you already have and build a joyful lifestyle to achieve all that you want in life.   Gratitude is like a pivot point to build good energy to progress with your dreams and goals. Gratitude helps increase happiness, it also helps protect you from negativity, stress, depression and anxiety.


Live in the moment

Life unfolds in the present. But so often, we let the present slip away, allowing time to rush past unobserved and unseized, and squandering the precious seconds of our lives as we worry about the future and ruminate about what’s past. Train your mind to focus on the current activity. Engage in, and feel what you are doing. It’s important to enjoy the process.



Reflect on the activities that bring you contentment or joy and make time for these events in your daily life. making a concerted effort to plan your time around activities you think you will enjoy. Plan your Goals because goals give you a sense of direction in terms of the changes you want to make. Basically, you’re deciding what you want your life to stand for from this point on. Remember managing your calendar by planning a head spares you a lot of stress and frustration.  


Have your faith in God.

If you are a person of faith I encourage you to let your faith to be deeply rooted in God’s foundation. You have had the common saying “ let go and let God.”  This means You do your best to fulfill your obligations, but in the end, you leave the outcome to God and have faith that God is going to put the rest in place. By putting your faith in God you realise that you can not control everything. This will take out of stress in you life and increase you happy moments in your life from time to time.



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With many years of experience and studying health and nutrition. I developed a new way to relate with food and my environment.
I have developed a simple holistic strategy that focuses on nutrition, fitness and mindfulness as factors that gear a lasting and meaningful way to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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