To Busy to Workout

As a healthy coach I often encounter the phrase “ I have no time to workout or I can’t find time to exercise”. People often give me  excuses that seem too good to be validated as right excuses. For example I am a mother of three, I work full time, I am always on the road or maybe it’s not motivating to do exercises. We all have the same time the only difference is what we choose to spend our time on. If you find yourself in the category of people always trying to find an excuse to justify the reason why you do not have time to exercise. It might be just a fact that, doing exercise is not important enough to you.



Quite the excuses and living in denial for your healthy.  If you want to live a healthy lifestyle be honesty to yourself that doing exercise on a regular basis is important. You must make time for it in your daily activities and prioritize it.

Ask yourself a honest question about how you spend your time and analyse, if you are spending you time on the things you want or you are wasting your time on what does not matter. Ask yourself how important is exercising to your healthy, consider the impact of exercising to your quality of life in months and years ahead. 

In my experience there is always time for the thing you prioritise. So find all the possibility to find time to workout. Ask yourself why you can not find time to exercise. You can only start by finding 20 minutes to exercise 3 to 4 times a week. For example you can use 10 minutes every morning, when you have just woken up and 10 minutes before you go to bed that is if you really can not find time. Secondly shut down social media and tv when you are at home so that there is time to exercise. You need to ask yourself where is the possible shot time to save so that you have time to exercise. The big step is including time for exercising on your calendar. Block out time for exercise and have nothing to replace it.


Like the year has just started, you could have actually paid for a membership to the gym or just told everyone about your new year’s resolution to keep fit or to shade of a few kgs. What is going to stand in you resolution and the actual result is how important this is to you and how consistent are you going to be.  



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