PH balance is a top priority when I am working one on one with my clients. Studies on PH show that most people tend to have highly acidic PH than alkaline. That’s why I focus on teaching my clients how to attain an alkaline PH which fosters healing.  High acidity in our bodies is responsible for most digestive disorders, cardiovascular diseases, weak immune system, poor respiratory system, etc. Research reveals that  eating more acidic foods can lead to sickness whereas eating more alkaline foods leads to health.


As you are reading this you might be wondering what exactly PH level means. Well PH is the short form  for potential hydrogen level in our bodies. In other words it is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of our body fluids and tissues.


Today our diet is composed of processed foods that are classified as a quick and easy to prepare.  Moreover fast foods, genetically modified foods and conventional food take the biggest share of of the food sector today. It is unimaginable of what goes through our bodies in just one day. Within the day we pack our bodies with a lot of  foods with horrible ingredients. Most of the time it seems that food is only meant to aggravate hunger and no focus is given to the fact that we eat to enrich our bodies with good nutrients so that our body system can function well in the short and the long run. Your strength, longevity and the internal body functions rely on the nutrients and food you consume on a daily basis.  Therefore, as we make our food choices on a daily basis we should remember that whatever we eat affects our body’s PH levels and our quality of life.


Our body functions well when it’s PH level is more alkaline than acidic. But because of the horrible ingredients in our food today and easy access of junk food that is highly acidic our food choices tend to be more acidic to a greater extent. When we eat acidic foods our blood’s Ph can change from a normal alkaline to harmful acidic level, which in turn affects our immune system and makes us more vulnerable to diseases. It is extremely important to have a balanced PH that is more alkaline.


As already said our bodies function well when it’s more alkaline. Therefore I encourage balancing your body’s PH through eating foods that are more alkaline such as herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables; and unprocessed plant based sources of protein. Where possible always chose organic alkaline foods. It is ideally important to consume most of your alkaline foods raw or with a light steaming. I would advise to consume more fresh juice, smoothies and salad as I find myself  easily  consuming more raw alkaline foods this way.  Do not forget to drink plenty of water, you can boost the alkalinity of your water by adding lemon or lime.

Factors that  increase our bodies acidity levels

  • High-sodium foods, processed foods, processed grains, too much meat and animal protein, caffeine drinks, alcohol, added sugars and artificial sweeteners, food colouring and added preservatives in tinned or canned foods
  • Declining nutrient levels in foods due to conventional  farming where there is use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers
  • Low fiber diet
  • Excess hormones from foods, beauty products, and plastics
  • Exposure to chemicals and radiation from electronics, computers and cell phones





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